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Practice karate in Japan - our selection of clubs

Karate (空手道, karate-do) is a japanese martial art.

The kanji (ideogram) "kara" means emptiness, or rather emptiness in the Buddhist sense of the term, "you" is the hand as well as the technique that one achieves with the hand. To Karate its literally translated as "the empty hand". This martial art combines a system of combat, self-defense, physical conditioning and spiritual development by different percussion techniques that use all the natural weapons of the human body (hands, elbows, arms, feet, knees, head) to block opponent attacks and / or attack.


Modern karate originates from the Chinese boxing (唐 手, To-De) which will become in OKINAWA, a progressive assimilation over centuries of Chinese techniques (Shaolin kempo and others).

Then, in the 20s, Gichin FUNAKOSHI will settle in Tokyo and develop his techniques include parades, dodges, sweeps, projections and keys.

The technical content of Karate is sometimes significantly nuanced according to different styles of karate (shotokan, wado-ryu, shito-ryu, goju-ryu, ...).

In France, the main styles are Shôtôkan (Gichin FUNAKOSHI), Wado-ryu (a former student of Funakoshi, Otsuka Hironori and now his son and grandson in France), Shito-ryu (successors of Mabuni Kenwa) and different Goju.


We present you a non-exhaustive list of CLUBS, but we can search for you schools all over Japan!

shotokan dojo karate japon


Shotokan ryu - Shiramine dojo

Shōtōkan-ryū, 松濤 館 流, is a Japanese martial art, which is part of Karate-do.

It cames from Shorin School or Shōrin-ryū from Master Matsumura (1809-1896) who gave birth, thanks to his students, to many different styles of karate.

One of his students, called FUNAKOSHI Gichin (1868-1957) developed his own style and called it Shōtōkan. The other students of Matsumura, who became masters in their turn, developed other karate styles such as shito-ryū, gōjū-ryū, wado-ryu, Kyokushinkai, kenpō, etc.

Dojo is near the GOSHO, the Imperial Palace: MAPS

Ino ryu Kenpo pratiquer le karate au japon

Kyoto prefecture

Ino ryu Kenpo Karate justudo

Twenty clubs throughout Kyoto Prefecture, as well as Germany, Italy, N-Zealand, USA.

wagodojo karate pratiquer le karate au japon


KazuTsuyoshi kai  - Goju ryu

3 dojo in the city, 4 sensei including 1 italian.


The main sensei is IDE Nobuo, he started with Judo at the age of 15, and then studied Takam Shihan's Goju Karate from YAMAGUCHI.


Access to the 3 dojo

(follow the links of Google MAPS under each plan)

kyokushin pratiquer le karate au japon


Kyokushin kai

Kyokushin (極 真) or Kyokushinkai (極 真 会) is a full-contact karate style, founded by Master Masutatsu Oyama (大 山 倍 達), whose real name is Choi Yeoung-eui.

The first dojo kyokushinkai was created in a district of Tokyo in 1953.

kenseikan takeo karate_edited_edited.jpg

Tokyo Osaka Kyoto Kyushu

Kenseikan Takeo

Kubosaka SAKON sensei


1999 Japan champion K-2 middleweight
2000/2002 participation of K-1 MAX
former kick-boxing World Champion W PKC Muay Thai · S · middleweight.


Born in Kyoto, Nishijin District, he started martial arts in elementary school and experimented with a wide range of traditional karate, full contact karate, kickboxing and boxing.


In January 2011, he was appointed representative of the NPO All Japan New Karate Federation. As a representative of the new karatedo, events are regularly held in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Kyoto.

JKS pratiquer le karate au japon


Hirokazu Kanazawa (金泽弘 和), born in 1931 in Iwate Prefecture (Japan), is a world-renowned Karate Shotokan expert.

He is the current president (kancho) and chief instructor of Shotokan Karate-do International Federation, an organization he founded in 1978 after leaving Japan Karate Association (JKA). Kanazawa is one of the few masters to have earned a 10th Dan (the highest grade that can be awarded in Shotokan).


Contact via Facebook


Hombu dojo in TOKYO, course calendar and access:

JKA pratiquer le karate au japon


Japan Karate Association / JKA

Kubosaka SAKON sensei


Founded in 1949 the Japan Karate Association is the only independent karate entity legally and officially recognized by the Japanese government as a membership association (Shadan Hojin) for the promotion of karate.

Similarly, the JKA is not subordinate to any other group, organization or entity.


The shotokan style of the JKA is characterized by its dynamism and explosive techniques (kime).




Mas Oyama


  • Yomiuri Culture Yokohama & Ebisu, Tokyo


  • Karate Lessons for Women
    Karate Girls Dojo
    Children's Karate-do in Easy English

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