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Practice Iaido in Japan - our selection of clubs

IAIDO or IAI JUTSU according to whether one seeks fluidity, aesthetics and self-esteem, or more accuracy and martial efficiency, is art of the Japanese sword, major discipline of the samurai of the past: the art of unsheathing the sword and cut at the same instant.


Art of spontaneous and natural gesture, it is a discipline that is practiced alone, face to oneself, in the form of kata (codified movements).

Around the practice of the samurai sword were two types of complementary koryu (old schools), ken-jutsu or saber-handling techniques, and iai-jutsu, techniques of slicing by unsheathing.

The iai was codified at the end of the 16th century by Hayashizaki Jinsuke, and quickly spread through traditional schools.


The 4 main phases:

NUKI TSUKE: the stripping

KIRI TSUKE: the main cut

CHIBURI: cleaning the blade

NÔTO: sheathing

Pratiquer le Iaido au Japon Tokyo  Suimokai

TOKYO nihonbashi

Suimokai is an organization dedicated to the study and dissemination of traditional Japanese martial arts, especially the Mugairyu Meishi Branch (iai, kenjutsu, kumitachi, Shizan), Shindomusoryu Jo and Uchidaryu / Toseiryu Tanjo.

The chief instructor of Suimokai is the founder of the Meishi Branch, Gyokudo Toyoaki Niina. He was a student of Hosho Shiokawa, himself a student of Shiryu Nakagawa.

Niina-gosoke is Hanshi, Menkyo-kaiden in Mugairyu Iaihyodo, Shindomusoryu Jodo and Uchidaryu Tanjojutsu.

Their practice is effective techniques by katas solo, partner practice by kumitachi, and the trial cut, both long and short sword.



Pratiquer le Iaido au Japon Kyoto  hoken kai


Kyoto Hokenkai belongs to the Japan Kendo Federation and the Kyoto Kendo Federation.

The members of this club practice mainly what is called the Seitei Iai composed of 12 kata, and at the same time the traditional Koryu Ia of the school Musô Jikiden Eishinryu gathering about 50 kata.


This is a large club that practices in a dozen dojo including the Kyoto Budo Center, at the famous Butokuden dojo, three times a week:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

from 18.30 - 20.15

Pratiquer le Iaido au Japon Kyoto Iaido oto kai Butokuden


Club is also part of  the National Federation of Kendo, members practice Seitei Iai and Koryu Iai.


Dojo's adress : 3-2, Takagishi-cho Sikagaya, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Le Sakyo Tobu Ikiiki simin Katsudo Center 3F.

Dojo is inside the Shinto shrine of Heian jingu.

Classes on Wednesday 18h-21h.


Pratiquer le Iaido au Japon Tokyo Iaido Isokai

TOKYO shiyoda



An association active mainly in Tokyo through Iaido and Kenjutsu training, and thereby fight for the popularization of ancient Japanese martial arts.


Gettan Tuzi sensei founded the Mugai Ryu 400 years ago.

Sensei Mitsuyoshi SEKIDO.






Pratiquer le Iaido au Japon Kyoto iaido shinbukan


Shinbukan is part of the National Federation of Iaido.


Only Koryu Iai, a traditional Yai of the Musô Jikiden Eishinryu school, is practiced, the club is mainly active in Hirakata, north of Osaka.

Kyoto Dojo's address:

149 Tanakagenkyo-cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi.

Classrd: Wednesday 10-13h,

Sunday 10-13h twice a month.

Pratiquer le Iaido au Japon Tokyo  Iaido Seishinkan

TOKYO shinjuku

The sensei is a woman, Michiko MORITA, 3th dan.

Present in Australia and USA.

Pratiquer le Iaido au Japon Kyoto Iaido hounoenbu Kyoto


"Visitors" classes at the gymn, room n°1.

Monday 15:00-16h30

Tuesday 15:00-16h30

Thursday 15h00-16h30

Friday  15:00-16h30

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